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At Heritage Village Nursing Center, we'll make sure all of your unique needs are taken care of. A nursing center doesn't have to be a retirement from life -- it can be fun too! Whether you're looking for a short stay or you want to settle down with us, Heritage Village Nursing Center provides everything you need for a comfortable and safe stay. Heritage Village Nursing Center in Holdenville, Oklahoma is a moderate facility with 118 beds and has for-profit individual ownership. Our facility participates in Medicare and Medicaid.

Services Available

Long Term Stay
Permanent residency for those who need help with their daily activities.
Dietary Services
Every resident is provided a personalized dietary meal plan by a registered dietician.
Surgical/Join Replacement Surgery
Post-surgical rehabilitation facilitated by our experienced staff.

All care and discharge plans are coordinated with physicians and surgeons to ensure a healthy and expediant recovery.
Skilled Nursing Care
A higher Level of medical care provided by licensed healthcare professionals for short term residency.

Examples of skilled nursing care may include wound care, IV therapy, and rehabilitation services.
These services help maximize functional speech, language, cognition, and swallowing skills and techniques.

Speech therapy is for motor speech disorders, treatment of aphasia, and swallowing disorders.

Amenities Available

Possible Private Room
We have both private and semi-private rooms. Private room availability is limited.
Free cable/satellite available in every room.
Social Activities / Services
Daily structured activities including arts/crafts, games, and music as well as social and group activities such as church and musical performances.
Outside Courtyard
We have plenty of landscaped porches and patios to enjoy the outdoors.
Personal laundry service is available to all residents.
Daily housekeeping services and routine maintenance will be performed per OSDH and CDC guidelines

Where are we located?

Frequently Asked Questions

What government program will pay for my nursing home costs?
Medicaid is the largest pay source for nusing home care in the nation. Medicaid is a federal and state rules based program for those that apply.
Will Medicare pay for my nursing home costs?
Yes in certain situations. Medicare provides limited coverage for short term nursing home rehab stays. Medicare does not pay for long term healthcare in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or in-home care.
How can I protect my assets from being wiped out to pay for nursing home costs?
Proper planning with trained professionals is the best way to protect assets and pay for nursing home care. There are many strategies that can be used for single individuals and married couples.
Was your question not answered here?
Please feel free to come by and tour our facilities and ask those questions that you might have. We are eager and willing to help provide guidance to families during times when difficult decisions must be made.

This facility is dual certified for Medicare/Medicaid and is licensed for 118 beds. Heritage Village Nursing Center employs many well trained staff members to meet all of the residents' needs 24/7.

Our goal is to provide the most professional and caring experience with each resident. The healthcare requirements for each resident are analyzed and met by our facility. In addition this is a safe environment free of restraints. We want to make each resident feel as close to home as possible.

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Heritage Village Nursing Center

801 Highway 48
Holdenville, OK 74848
(405) 379 - 6671
(918) 623 - 1938
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